No staying accommodation can be perfect unless it offers a bunch of good facilities to it’s tenants. We are offering the following facilities. Because we believe in the ultimate satisfaction of our guests.

  1. Availability of rooms: Wide range of Standard and Premium rooms are available here and you can choose Single / Double / Triple Occupancy according to your preference and budget.
  2. Basic Amenities in Rooms: We are providing Luxurious Bed & Mattress, Cupboard & Trunks, Light, Fan and all other basic amenities with every rooms. Every bathroom is also equipped with western commode system, jet showers and all other regular amenities. Note: To Ensure Hygiene & Cleanliness, We DO NOT Provide Bed-Sheets, Comforters, Blankets & Pillows.
  3. Twenty-four hours running water: We believe in the ultimate satisfaction of our guests. Keeping in mind the health factors of the students as well as the working professional, we provide Filtered RO drinking water and also give enough importance to the fact that they can avail the system for twenty-four hours.
  4. Water Cooler and Geysers: In winters you don’t have to shiver, choose our facility and we will provide you with a standard geyser in common floor or corridor. Water Cooler is also available in Common Space or Corridor of the building.
  5. Washing Machine for Laundry: Self-service common washing machine is provided in Common Space or Corridor of the building. Every tenant can avail this facility which can makes their stay easy and facile.
  6. Housekeeping Services: To maintain proper cleanliness and hygiene, we provide housekeeping services in every room thrice in a week. This is a complimentary service and you need not pay anything to get the service.
  7. Good quality food: Now, if you have an inquisitive mind, eager to know about the eating facility, it’s worth mentioning that we are providing foods from our verified vendors to your doorstep. You can order Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner by monthly package system or daily meal basis, what exactly you want to have.
  8. Complimentary Wi-Fi internet: We are providing complimentary High-Speed unlimited Wi-Fi- internet service and you need not pay any additional charges to avail this facility.
  9. LED TV with Satellite Channel: To spent your leisure time, we provide LED TV along with Set Top Box in common room.
  10. Monthly Pest Control: We take pride in offering the best-in-class pest control treatment and inspection services and satisfying our guests. We make sure the service is performed in the right manner to ensure the safety and proper effects.
  11. Lift Facility: Lifts have become an important part of our daily lives. Lift facility is an essential part of any residential complex, particularly guest houses. A modern lift facility is available in all of our buildings, which can make our tenant’s stay easy. 
  12. Great transportation facility: No staying accommodation can be perfect unless it offers a good transportation system.  We have planned our PG guest houses, in such a way, that it becomes no headache for the tenants to travel. We take excessive pleasure in stating that all the paying guests we provide have a great transportation facility. As for instance, Kolkata Airport is just around 3.5km distance, Salt Lake Metro Station is around 2km distance, Newtown is around 1km distance from our PG.

These are reasons that have made us a prominent Paying Guest in Kolkata.