Paying guest accommodation normally known as PG Accommodation. This type of accommodation is generally preferred by teenagers, college going students, singles, and bachelors. Students generally prefer PG instead of hostels. As in hostels there are limitation to most of the things such as lights get switched off near about ten o clock or so but it is not with Pg. in Pg one can do anything. Hostels provide food that is necessary to have but in Pg it has an option to cook buy own, there is both option available to cook by own or have the provided one. Most of the person putting in PG’s prefers Tiffin system.

The thinks that one should keep in mind is:

Location – it means that the PG should be near to your college, office etc. the society should also be residential instead of commercial for the safety point of view. Look for the place which is on the road so that one can access public transport easily. One should always see out first the existing room-mates, their behavior, likes, dislikes etc.

convenience in point of cooking should be there. It means food should be included there in rent amount. And yes most important, kitchen should be there so that if you want to hot something then the kitchen is mandatory.

Restrictions – Check out for the landlord what all restrictions are there; if all those suit then go for it. Serious restrictions such as parties, sound level, and night stay for friends should not be there. All such minor things should be checked out first.

Now comes the rent, rent are generally high for one room as there are many amenities provided by land lords. Preferable is to search in reference; reference as in known person such as friends, relative, colleagues etc. Through this the security would be there as well as rent will also be cheap.

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  • Apr 27, 2021

Hostels vs paying guest accommodations is quite a common debate among people. You must have come across several people who get confused between hostels and paying guest accommodations as they don’t really know which one would be a better option for them. The confusion should not actually exist if they are clear about their requirements and they have enough details about these accommodations.

Hostels are most common among the students and working people as they find them quite safer as compared to all other accommodations once they move out of their homes. Mostly students go out of their places for their further studies and thus they need a safe and comfortable stay there. Almost all educational institutions provide hostel facility to their students. Hostels provide all necessary facilities like a good stay, food, laundry, etc.

The other kind of accommodation is the paying guest accommodations where few rooms from private homes or flats are available for rent. There are also people who like going for such accommodations. Several people stay in paying guest accommodations because they are provided with a comfortable stay along with all other required facilities like proper home cooked food, laundry everything. You may easily find out information about such accommodations. All you need to do is enquire the local people, your friends and most commonly used method is online research.

If we compare both these accommodations and I have to choose any one option out of these two then I would prefer going for paying guest accommodations.

So, the conclusion that comes out is that both these accommodations are equally beneficial and important for people as the views may be different as per individual requirements. All I can say is that the thing that holds utmost importance is that you choose the best hostel or the best paying guest accommodations.

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  • Apr 26, 2021